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1. This website does not save any data.

2. In addition to the options, the characters used can also be input and assigned proportions in the text box to obtain the ideal output effect. Because the random password generator has added a strength check, you need to select the "Input" option to enter characters by yourself; the random string generator can enter characters by yourself at any time.

3. The random password generator randomly takes out one character at a time from the characters used, up to the specified number of digits. When the "Input" item is not used, the password strength will be automatically checked, that is, numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters and punctuation marks. As long as this item is selected, it will be ensured that the output password string contains at least one character of this item.

4. The random string generator randomly scrambles the characters used and outputs it. The number of characters is the same as the original text, but the order of the characters is just scrambled.

5. The random string and random password generator uses a built-in random number generator to generate a random sequence, avoiding the orderly arrangement of strings generated by human subjective consciousness, and is stronger when used as a password or information identification. When allowed, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and punctuation marks should be used to increase security. You can even enter Chinese and other characters in the text box to participate in the generation of random passwords or strings.